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Wheat Wreaths

Some of the finest Wheat Wreaths made.  Make sure you consider one of these wheat wreaths for you wall or door.  They are perfectly made and shipped well so you will get your wheat wreath in the most perfect condition possible.  Add a long lasting wheat wreath to your home decor perfect for the look of your home or office.  All of our wreaths are hand made and made fresh to order.  They are beautiful, perfect, and ready for your home decor.

A bit of sunshine, our little garden wreath is sure to bring smiles to all who see it.  Made of a variety of naturally dried flowers and leaves, the little garden wreath will last for an extensive length of time as beautiful as the day it was received.

Softly blue and green, our little cutie flower wreath combines dried flowers and a variety of dried grains into a perfect little wreath.  The texture and colors of this wreath confer a feeling a peace and well being.  Perfect wherever it is placed, the little cutie flower wheat wreath will last for years.