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Dried Flower Valley Buttons Natural Color Single Bunch

Dried Flower Valley Buttons Natural Color Single Bunch

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Dried Natural Valley Buttons
Valley Buttons are a very beautiful straw flower.  They are also similar to floral button flowers but have a valley down the center of the flower bud and you can you use them anywhere you would normally use floral buttons.  They are durable and easy to work with and beautiful in any arrangement.  Try some valley buttons today and see the difference they make in your floral projects.
You will love them. We guarantee it!

Product: Dried Natural Valley Buttons
Color: Natural off-white to light yellow
Length: 16-22 inches
Pictured: 2 bunches pictured
Type: Straw flower with valley button head
Amount: 5 oz bunch
Case Option: Buy a case of 20 Valley Buttons and Save Even More!

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