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Dried Flower Echinops Bunch Or Globe Thistle

Dried Flower Echinops Bunch Or Globe Thistle

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Dried Echinops Bunch
Dried Echinops comes in a wonderful natural sage green to light blue color with light green leaves. It is a eye dazzling spiky pod.  Dried Echinops will add that needed finishing touch to your floral arrangement.  Echinops is beautiful on it's own but put it with other dried flowers with different colors and shapes and it is sure to please all who see it.


Product: Dried Echinops Thistle Bunch
Size: 3-4 oz echinops bundle
Echinops stems: about 6 thistle stems
Type: Dried echinops
Color: Light Blue
Case Option: Buy a full case of 15 echinops thistle bunches and Save Even More!

Also called: Globe Thistle, thistles, echinops ritro, thistle flowers


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