How to Arrange Mitsumata Branches

How to Arrange Mitsumata Branches

What You Can Do with Mitsumata Branches


Mitsumata branches are easy to design with. You do not need much to make these branches look great.

In this holiday arrangement, I used the following materials:

  • White Mitsumata Branches
  • 24 x 5 Glass Cylinder Vase
  • One Bag Chartreuse Green Acrylic Crystal Ice Rocks
  • Green and Silver
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Artificial Gold and Silver Amaranthus
  • White Holiday Leaves Floral Picks
  • Wired ribbon made into a bow
  • Silver DecorativeWire

To create this arrangement:

    1. Put your acrylic rocks at the bottom of the vase.

    2. Insert a two Mitsumata branches upside down inside the vase and two branches right side up. Allow a few branches to hand outside the vase.

    3. Weave the top and bottom branches on top of the arrangement to create a seamless design.

    4. Gently add the Christmas balls inside the vase. You may need to move the branches out of the way, as you fill it to the rim of the vase.

    5. Cut some pieces of Mitsumata branches shorter to position them crosswise at the rim of the vase. If necessary, use silver decorative wire to keep them in place.

    6. Insert artificial amarathus inside vase. You made need to shorten the stems to your liking. Use decorative wire as necessary.

    7. Attach bigger holiday ornaments around the rim of the vase and also halfway up of the arrangement.

    8. Add your big bow towards the front. If you prefer a 360 view arrangement, add additional bows and ornaments where you see fit.

    9. Use the picture shown here as guide to position your materials.