Gold or Silver Birch Branches & Lotus Kit

Gold or Silver Birch Branches & Lotus Kit
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Product Description

  • This arrangement can be chosen in your choice of Silver or Gold and it includes: 6-7 stems of 3-4ft. tall Birch Branches & 2 Lotus Pod.
  • These are naturally preserved birch branches and botanicals.
  • Can be used in many sizes and shapes of vases: from medium sized table vases to tall floor vases. For taller vases you can use newspaper or decorative mediums to fill the bottom half of your vase, or use extension stems.
  • This is an all natural, green and renewable resource product.

    The Birch Branches have many side off-shoots coming out of each stem. The side lateral branches can be cut and inserted around the rim of the vase to add volume to your arrangement. This design create an opulent ambiance around the holidays, weddings, and anniversaries. For a themed design, you can use a tall, clear glass vase and add decorative mediums inside, such as gold decorative rocks or gems.