24 in. Bamboo Angled Vase & Floral - (Black Stand Not Included)

24 in. Bamboo Angled Vase & Floral -  (Black Stand Not Included)
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Product Description

  • This giant circle vase handcrafted from natural bamboo and finished in an elegant, deep red color is a show stopper. It is unique, stunning, and sure to catch everyone's eye. Vase measures 24 in. diameter x 9" deep from front to back and an angled side opening. Vase is shaped like a disc, not a round ball. Black Stand SOLD SEPARATELY. Flower arranging kit includes sword lilies in your choice or white or red, and black bamboo spray branches. All the flowers and botanicals are crafted from dried or preserved natural plants. Vase plus branches stands nearly 4.5 feet tall.

    Flower arrangement requires assembly, easy instructions included. On a scale of 1 (easy) to 5 (for the crafty & savy types), this is a 2.5
    • Dramatic art-decor piece for the office, home, or centerpiece for gala events.
    • Handcrafted, bamboo disc vase with angled opening is 24 in. dia x 9 in. deep front to back.
    • Floral arrangement kit: Sword lilies in your choice of White or Red, plus black bamboo spray branches.
    • This product was handcrafted from natural, green and renewable resource materials.