Mix Pradu Roses with Branches (Vase Not Included)

Mix Pradu Roses with Branches (Vase Not Included)
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Product Description

  • Roses are approximately 3 - 3.5 in. diameter with flower petals handcrafted from the Pterocarpus indicus (New Guinea rosewood) tree and formed into the shape of a rose.
  • Natural branches are delicate Beech tips with sharp tiny buds, complimented by soft feather grass for a sophisticated, yet organic look.
  • Available Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple, Red Orange, Yellow Orange, and Mix.
  • Can also be purchased as a kit including a curved glass vase. Floral only kit can be purchased in our DIY Floral Arrangements Section.
  • Some assembly required with step-by-step instructions.

    A DIY arrangement for the home, workplace, or office lobby. Kit consists of three roses, natural branches, feather grass, vase and acrylic rocks.