7 to 7.5ft. Tall Natural Birch Branches - Pack of 12 Stems

Item# 700-Birch8496-Q18

Product Description

  • Includes: 7-7.5ft. tall Birch Branches, pack of 12 stems; and a free gift pack of Leaf Lilies.
  • Available sizes: 3-4ft., 4-5ft., 5-6ft., & 7-7.5ft. tall. Sold in various quantities.
  • Birch Branches are also available in white, red, gold, silver, and moss coat.
  • The Free Gift pack of Leaf Lilies are can be used to create a focal point for your branch arrangement.
  • This is an all natural, green and renewable resource product.

    These Natural Birch Branches look fabulous displayed on their own in a simple vase, or in a floral arrangement to add height and filler. Branches include a Free Gift pack of Leaf Lilies, handcrafted from real tree leaves. Branches in the taller sizes are thick, wide, and will spread out to cover a large area.