5 to 6 ft. Tall Silver Birch Branches - Pack of 12 Stems

5 to 6 ft. Tall Silver Birch Branches - Pack of 12 Stems
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Product Description

  • Includes: 5-6ft. tall Silver Birch Branches. Sold in a pack of 12 stems.
  • Natural Birch Branches have been coated with a Silverleaf color finish.
  • Available in 4 sizes: 2-2.5ft., 3-4ft., 4-5ft., and 5-6ft. Also sold in bulk quantities and other colors.
  • These eye-catching branches are spectacular as tall centerpieces for gala events, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays.
  • This is an all natural, green and renewable resource product.

    Rich and opulent, these natural birch branches are available in several sizes and colors. They can be used in floor vases, holiday wreaths, as a centerpiece, on a mantel piece with pine branches and pine cones, or on your Christmas tree. The 5-6ft. tall branches are so large you can actually fill a vase with just 6 branches spread out, and a pack of 24 branches can make 4 very tall table centerpieces, perfect for an event.