4 to 5 ft. Tall Snowy White Birch Branches Qty 12 Stems

4 to 5 ft. Tall Snowy White Birch Branches Qty 12 Stems
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Product Description

  • Includes: 4-5ft. tall White Birch Branches. Sold in a bulk pack of 12-14 stems.
  • Available sizes: 2-2.5ft., 3-4ft., 4-5ft., & 6-7ft. tall. Also sold in other quantities and colors.
  • For an easy DIY, add crystals, ribbons, or colorful accents.
  • Use for tall table centerpieces at gala events or white holiday decoration. Beautiful in winter wedding centerpieces.
  • This is an all natural, green and renewable resource product.

    Green Floral Crafts carefully paints Natural Birch Branches into a Snowy White color that is distinctive and unmatched in quality. Branches that are 2-2.5ft. tall contain a combination of Birch & Beech Branches for a fuller look; all other sizes are made up entirely of Birch Branches. These bright white branches look fabulous displayed on their own in a simple vase, or when used in floral arrangement. These are great for adding height and filler.