36 in Tall Giant Burgundy Magnolias - Pack of 2 Stems

36 in Tall Giant Burgundy Magnolias - Pack of 2 Stems
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Product Description

  • This is a 36 inch long stem with giant magnolia flower measuring 9 inches in diameter when fully opened. Hand dyed in a rich burgundy. The petals of this flower are handcrafted from the solar plant which is dried, hand-cut, and crafted into flower petals.The individual flowers can be sprayed with water and opened and styled to suit your floral arrangement. The stem at the bottom can be bent to suit the vase and desired height. This is an easy arrangement if you are not handy with flower arranging. Add a few pod oars and it looks artistic with no little effort. Sold in package of 2.
  • This Giant Magnolia has a 9 inch flower when fully opened and a 36 inch long stem, sold in a pack of 2
  • Available colors: Burgundy
  • The effect of this hand crafted process gives each flower a warm realism not found in most artificial flowers.
  • Hand crafted from the bark of the Sola bush to give a soft realistic look and feel. Combine these giant magnolias with natural pod oars for a modern, artistic design